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Caretaker role job description

Post: Residential Caretaker

Responsible to: The Trustees of The Letherhead Institute
Purpose: To be responsible for the security of the Institute and site and all tasks listed relevant to the efficient running of the Institute. The building is used as a community centre and with commercial office tenants.
Hours: 8 am to 1.30 pm Monday to Saturday, 6 to 7 pm Monday to Friday and lock the building at 11 pm.
Total of 38 hours but with flexibility to deal with situations outside of those hours in an emergency.

Duties to include but not restricted to:

  • To take responsibility for the security of the Institute. To open the premises at 8 am Monday to Saturday and normally closing by 11 pm Monday to Friday, 1 pm on Saturday. Some rooms may be in use after the closing time particularly on Saturdays and Sundays. The responsibility after 1 pm Saturday and all day Sunday and Bank Holidays will be the responsibility of the Assistant Caretaker.
  • A cleaning company is appointed for all janitorial work between 6 am and 8 am Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday that work is the responsibility of the Caretaker and the Assistant Caretaker accordingly. Ensure cleaners have carried out their duties and that toilet paper, soap and sanitisers are topped up.
  • All car parking spaces are allocated and paid for. If you become aware of rogue parking please deal with diplomatically.
  • To unlock, check and lock rooms leased to the Leatherhead Community Association (“LCA”) in accordance with a schedule provided by LCA. To arrange or rearrange chairs, tables and equipment in all of LCA rooms in accordance with said schedule.
  • Assist all commercial tenants whenever required and in a helpful manner (these and the LCA are our fund providers!).
  • Liaise with the LCA Administrator daily and the Letherhead Institute Trustees (“LIT”) Administrator weekly.
  • Maintain records of all maintenance and minor works.
  • Carry out minor maintenance/repairs/decorating as necessary and supervision of contractors brought in for other repairs, breakdowns or maintenance as agreed.
  • Act as Fire Marshall, First Aider and keep records.
  • Act as Health & Safety Officer in conjunction with the LIT nominated H&S Officer.
  • Carry out fire alarm testing duties every two weeks and evacuation procedures monthly – keep records.
  • Provide meter readings as required.
  • Monitor CCTV.
  • Arrange annual maintenance checks of fire alarm, extinguishers, lift and PAT testing.
  • Keep the surrounds of the building and small flower bed free of weeds.
  • In icy weather salt the two entrances and the two external stairways.
Salary: £15,000pa plus 2 bed cottage

To apply please send your CV and covering letter to

Closing date: 10th July 2021